A Community Project

Built to resemble a community social platform. Community members can engage on local topics and issues. A community communication forum is a centralized place for local resident’s to have a voice to the rest of the community.

Our Approach

A community-first approach to building this website workflow. Re-designing an established content stream. Creating and building a modern article theme, that seamlessly continues on this company’s journey. Built by a director from the CityPlace Resident’s Association, this website was built pro-bono.

Custom Icon Design

Carefully curated icons that reflect the brand’s core values.

Community Forum

Raise topics and issues to solve problems and get results. Any issues and concerns were answered by the community board of directors.

User Experience Design

Extra attention to ensure that integrity of the historic data is maintained, while at the same time allowing new forms of media and modern technologies to expand to the future of the website use.

Responsive Web Design

Lowering the barrier of entry to a wide range of devices. Ensuring that residents and visitors will have realtime access to the information they are looking for.

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